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iPhone Life Exclusive: Lifeproof Special Holiday Offer

 Lifeproof Special Holiday Offer

Great news iPhone Lifers! Lifeproof, the manufacturer of the some of the most rugged, durable, and versatile iPhone cases on the market, has extended a special, exclusive offer to all of our iPhone Life readers. Read on to learn all about this great offer, which comes just in time for the holiday shopping season.

I am not alone in my great appreciation of the Lifeproof cases. Not only has a Lifeproof case saved my various iDevices on numerous occasions over the years, the Internet also has a seemingly endless stream of reviews and feedback from other iDevice users from around the world who attest to the high-quality and superior usability of the Lifeproof product line.

Now, for a limited time, Lifeproof has extended a special holiday offer exclusively to our readers in celebration of the season. All you have to do is head over to the Lifeproof website and place your order, making sure to enter the discount code iphonelife10 when prompted and you'll receive 10 percent off!

Don't delay though, this special offer will only be around for the next few weeks.

I count myself a big fan of the Lifeproof cases. Their low profile, unobtrusive designs are both elegant and highly protective. Whether you are looking for an iDevice case that is waterproof and ready for extreme duty, or are looking for a fashionable and stylish iDevice case that will also protect your iPhone and iPad from most calamities that may befall them, Lifeproof certainly has something to fit your needs and personal tastes.

 Lifeproof Special Holiday Offer

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