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iPad mini with Wi-Fi and Cellular begins shipping. Due to arrive on Friday 11/16

 iPad mini 11/13/12

After a long wait, and not knowing exactly when the iPad mini with cellular capability would ship, it seems like the waiting and wondering is over, at least for some of us!

Initially Apple informed me via email, that I could expect my new iPad mini on November 21st, which was still a couple of days earlier than some other pre-order customers were told. But that was then, and this is now.

This morning my email inbox popped up a wonderful little message letting me know that my Apple order had shipped. Due to arrive this Friday November 16th my iPad mini is now on its way home, and I can't wait! Honestly, I have been eagerly awaiting the introduction of the iPad mini for what feels like years now, ever since I first heard rumors of its existence float around years ago.

Now, after following all the great reports on this amazing new iPad, and getting to practice an exercise in patience, I am about to finally get my hands on my own iPad mini. I plan to put this new iDevice through some serious tests, and push it hard like the powerful workhorse that it is! So stay tuned, since before long I too will be joining in the mix, with my own reviews of this fantastic new ultra-portable iPad.

Woohoo! I can hardly wait for Friday. And to all of you who pre-ordered your new iPad mini in the wee early morning hours of October 26th and have been patiently (or maybe not so patiently) waiting; take heart! Your new iPad mini will be here soon!

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