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iPad mini Update: A roundup of the latest images depicting what the iPad mini will look like.

 the iPad mini


Check out the latest concept design I've come across (courtesy of iMore) of the iPad mini in the above image. With the expected launch of the elusive iPad mini, mere weeks away, we may hope (and to an extent, expect) to see more images of the iPad mini begin to surface and float around the net. Although prototype images have been few and far between (I suspect Apple has just been holding true to its intention of clamping down of security leaks, not to mention the huge red herring that is the new iPhone) mock ups by skilled desiners haven't been so scarce. Taking all the clues and bits of information we have gleaned, along with those few images of actual, alleged protypes, various designers have created what seem to be rather likely renderings of what the new iPad mini will most probably look like.


 the iPad mini

Above image, courtesy of macotakara.


Featuring a physical appearance more like that of a large iPod touch (though it will undoubtedly run the iPod version of iOS), we anticipate the mini will sport a thinner bezel on it's long sides, as opposed to the wide bezel all the way around that we have become accustomed to with all previous generation iPads thus far. Of course, we can't and won't know for sure, but the images I've included in this post are credible representations of what will quite possibly present itself in a short while as the new iPad mini.


 the iPad mini      the iPad mini

Above images, courtesy of ZooGue.com and 9to5Mac.com, respectively.


I won't be surprised if we do actually start seeing more pictures leaked of the iPad mini, as its production cycle picks up steam. I will continue to keep you posted as to the latest information and images as they arise. From what we do know, and have seen so far though, the iPad mini promises to be quite an amazing little device and I think Amazon and Google, who so far, have had little serious competion in the smaller tablet market, have much to be concerned over. I also won't be surprised to see the iPad mini, upon its release, quickly dominate that market too, as it's larger cousins (the iPad 2 and the old, "new iPad") have been doing in their category.


 the iPad mini

Above image, courtesy of 9to5Mac.com

Lead image, courtesy of iMore.com



Stay tuned, things are getting exciting!

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