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iPad mini Update: New information continues to point to an October launch.


Barring some kind of unforeseen apocalyptic event in the next few weeks, the highly anticipated iPad mini, with its 7.85 inch screen, will be here soon.
Yesterday Instapaper developer, Marco Armnet reported his findings within his developer code logs that reference what he believes to be the forthcoming miniature iPad. For details on the specific code references, click HERE.
Today, reputable source, Bloomberg also bolsters reports that the iPad mini will be arriving in October. For full details of their report, click HERE.
The most recent consensus seems to indicate that this newest member to the iPad family will feature a non-retina display, more along the lines of the iPad 2, however, other details are still extremely scarce. One rumor that is gaining steam though, further supports that the mini will feature similar hardware to the iPad 2. For more details on that line of speculation, click HERE.
 the iPad mini
Thanks for reading, and stay tuned! We are likely only days (weeks at the most) away from the official unveiling. I'll keep you up to date on all the latest as the news continues to break.
Special thanks to Gizmodo and 9 to 5 Mac for the iPad mini mock up designs!
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