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iPad mini: Production picks up steam in preparation for the holidays.

 the iPad mini

In preparation for the upcoming holiday season production of the 7.85 inch iPad "mini" is rumored to reach as much as 4 million units a month starting in September, according to new information from DigiTimes.
With an anticipated announcement expected alongside the new iPhone on September 12th, the iPad nano is set to go head to head with the likes of other smaller, less expensive tablets, namely Google's Nexus and Amazon's Kindle Fire.
 the iPad mini
If you happen to have been following the Apple rumor mill, this likely doesn't come as a surprise as whisperings have been circulating for almost a year about the existence of the iPad mini. In fact, sources in the supply chain say that as far back as June, production had begun on the iPad mini, at a monthly volme of "several hundreds of thousands" of units!
The iPad mini is rumored to enter the market somewhere within the 199.00 - 299.00 price range.

 the iPad mini
While some reporters express a healthy skepticism as to whether the iPad mini is really about to see the light of day, citing a lack of leaked images, I say that doesn't  necessarily mean that we won't be seeing the mini. I credit Apple's increased efforts to clamp down on security to avoid leaks, in the interest of reducing the trend of all of the leaked images we have witnesses preceding the introduction of new iDevices. This holds true for the mini as much as it does for the iTV, which is quietly rumored to also make an appearance in the near future. In fact, in such high stakes games as the tablet and smartphone business, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Apple put out red herrings intentionally, say for instance, in the form of an abundance of new iPhone images and info to consume our attention and divert our focus while the really big announcements lie safely under wraps.
 the iPad mini
Stay tuned for more as we count down the days to the September 12 (unconfirmed) Apple grand event.
 the iPad mini
(Special thanks to 9 to 5 Mac and Zoo Gue for the images of prototypes and mockups!)
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