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iPad mini unveiling likely to be October 23

News of the enigmatic iPad mini has been filled with some of the most back and forth, on again/off again rumors in recent history of Apple product releases. In fact, I'd have to look back to 2007, when the rumor mill was in full grind over the purported existence of the original iPhone to find a time when an Apple product was shrouded in this much secrecy and uncertainty.
With rumors swirling for months about the actuality of the iPad mini, and most recently, pointing to specific release dates this month, it’s no wonder the Apple community is waiting with bated breath for some official word from Cupertino. Well, I'm not saying you can stop holding your breath just yet, however, AllThingsD has encouraging news this morning.

Today John Paczkowski from AllThingsD confidently reports that the Apple event at which the iPad mini will be introduced to the public is indeed, still on. According to him, the iPad mini will be unveiled at an invitation-only, “intimate event”, most likely to be held on October 23rd at Apple's Town Hall Auditorium.
AllThingsD happens to have an excellent track record of being spot on when it comes to inside tips, so this latest news isn't something to scoff at. That said, I reckon only time will tell, and we will see when we see.
Other than this latest tidbit, details remain elusive. Based on my research and resources it certainly seems highly probable that Apple is prepping the iPad mini as your eyes read these words. The smaller iPad, with its 7.85 screen, is expected to be quite similar in functionality to the iPad 2, and while rumors have also indicated production delays, I feel pretty confident in saying that we should expect to see the iPad mini in the very near future. If the iPad mini is indeed introduced on October 23rd, it will probably become available to purchase in early to mid-November. Good news for us, daunting news for the likes of Google’s Nexus, Amazon's Kindle and Samsung’s Galaxy tablet, all of whom stand to suffer mightily when the iPad mini finally emerges in the mini-tablet category, at what is expected to be a very competitive price point.
Stay tuned, the iPad mini may well be right around the corner, and we will keep you up to date on all the latest news surrounding this exciting new iDevice.
All images courtesy of Martin Hajek.
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