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iPad mini continues to sell out, first online and now in Apple stores around the globe.

iPad mini


Rumors swirled about the iPad mini for literally years prior to its unveiling. And since it's introduction there has been a great deal of criticism, commentary and ridicule, deriding the iPad mini for being too expensive and for not having a Retina display.


Both Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Kimmel have taken derisive pot shots at the iDevice (Kimmel going so far as to say we are "suckers who deserve to get punched in the throat"), while many critics (who obviously didn't read my blogs) seemed shocked at the mini's starting price point of $329.00.


Too expensive they say. Without Retina display, it's not worth it some say. You are a "sucker" if you get one...


Call me a sucker then, along with the millions of other suckers who have queued up online and on sidewalks, to make the iPad mini, (according to Apple analyst Gene Munster with Piper Jaffray Co.) one of the fastest selling iDevices ever launched, as Apple stores across the globe sell out of their iPad mini inventory. In fact, call me "super-sucker" because I actually got the even more expensive iPad mini, the one with cellular, the one that won't get her for a few more weeks yet... Yep, suckers...


Well I tell you this: this "overpriced", "unappealing" new iPad is set to once again revolutionize the tablet industry and disrupt the model of what folks have come to accept as a "good" tablet. The iPad mini is the cream of the crop and a premium product that just doesn't compare with the cheaply made, sold-for-content-not-profit plethora of other small sized tablets floating around. I believe the iPad mini is in a class all its own. And if all those of us who bought this amazing new device in droves on its launch weekend are called "suckers", then maybe perhaps, we need to redefine our definition of "sucker" huh?


I've embedded the Conan and Kimmel videos below as well as linking to them above if you would like to be reminded that getting the best tablet out there just might make you a target for a little mockery and ridicule. The price we pay...


Jimmy Kimmel iPad mini spoof.


Conan's second of two iPad mini mock commercials.


Conan's original iPad mini ad the premiered the day the mini was introduced.


Image above courtesy of Endgadget.

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