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[Review] Introducing the booq backpack. A quality laptop/tablet bag, perfect for back-to-school, or job commutes.

 booq mamba daypack


I just took my iPad and iPhone out of my backpack...

Everything was safe and dry.


Why would I think this might be interesting news? Well, I'm known for testing accessories rather aggressively, and the good folks at booq just sent me one of their favorite laptop/tablet backpacks to test. So I promptly hopped on my off-road motorcycle and went for a ride in rocky terrain, during a rainstorm. So yes, the fact that everything was safe and dry was good news.


The booq Mamba daypack is what I'm reviewing today and it's an excellent one!

It features water-repellent, natural jute fabric, a waterproofed zipper to keep water out, dense padding to keep your tech tools safe and a structurally reinforced inner shell to help keep anything from unexpectedly crushing your goods. The booq mamba backpack is an excellent option if you are looking for a quality backpack choice for the school year(s), or for the daily commutes to the job.


 booq mamba daypack


Aside from the booq's stylish design, other great features include a large main inner compartment, sufficient to hold between 3 to 5 schoolbooks or rain gear, or even some groceries, depending on what your needs call for. It also has a separated, padded rear sleeve compartment specially designed to hold your laptop securely, 15 inches or less. Also inside, there's a relatively large pocket, about 6 inches deep by 10 inches wide, two smaller pockets about the size of a deck of cards and two pen/pencil pockets. There's also a detachable key fob inside that is a handy and useful addition!


 booq mamba daypack


The shoulder straps are nicely padded and the stitching that holds the shoulder straps to the bag are securely stitched and sufficiently reinforced for the purposes for which this bag is intended, I check these things. The backside of the pack, the part that actually rests against your back, is very nicely padded with lightweight cushioning that is designed to be ventilating as well as ergonomically supportive, with a cut away for the ridge of your spine. The front side of the pack also features a single 8 x 10 inch external, zippered pocket perfect for charging cables, portable drives, wallet, hand sanitizer, sunglasses or any other miscellaneous items you'd like readily and easily available.


If you can't see the embedded video, just click HERE.


I've been using this pack daily now for the past week and it's held up awesomely under relatively extreme circumstances, keeping my iDevices safe and sound in spite of being jostled and shocked with motorcycle landings and rained on in the Arizona monsoonal downpour. I think it's safe to say that for most users, (even a rambunctious high school teenager), this pack would be more than sufficient to keep things well protected and potentially get you through years of good adventures with your tech tools in tow.


The booq Mamba daypack is available at booqbags.com for $99.00.

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