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Braven BRV-1: Adventure-Proof Bluetooth Speaker

The Adventure-Proof series examines and reviews the best in rugged iOS gear, apps, and accessories to help iDevice users enjoy outdoor adventures with their mobile tech safely in tow.

Braven is expanding its exceptional line of portable Bluetooth speakers with its ultra-rugged BRV-1 ($179.99). Recognized as a top manufacturer of some the best portable Bluetooth speakers on the market, Braven has taken its reputation to a whole new level with its  military standard BRV-1. The company’s ear for exceptional sound quality and awareness of heavy-duty design criteria have resulted in a durable, compact Bluetooth speaker you have to be see (and hear) to believe. --break->

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Love at First Kick

I was first introduced to the BRV-1 at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. Braven had creatively displayed it in a mini-rainforest terrarium, complete with thick mist and dripping moisture. Off to the side of the counter, a couple of folks were kicking one around like it was a soccer ball while it continued to play music. 

When someone kicked it my way, what else could I do but kick it back? “Tough little thing,” I thought. At that moment, a Braven representative came over to show me a neat trick. With the speaker on and music pumping with heavy bass, he casually poured water over the speaker grill, eliciting a great effect! I watched with fascination as the watertight speakers made the surface water shiver and bounce to the pulsing beat! Nothing like good visual effects to prove a product can do what it says, as illustrated in the video below. Frame

The IPX5 certified BRV-1 is a perfect accompaniment for a day at the beach, hours working on construction or gardening projects, boating trips (where getting soaked is a likelihood), mountain climbing, and trail biking (where hard falls are a possibility). And with its 12-hour battery life, the BRV-1 won't run out of juice before you do.

Even if you never call upon its durability, you'll still have a powerful Bluetooth speaker, which delivers high-definition sound from its 6-watts of speakers.

Don’t Try this At Home

Braven does not advise fully submerging the BRV-1 in water. But I did anyway. I figured I may inadvertently fully submerge it at some point, so I had to see what would happen if that occurred. I'm very happy to report, while perhaps not advisable to try, the speaker is working just fine. (Note, I didn't leave it underwater for long or let it sink too deep.) It's truly a tough piece of equipment.

Awesome Features Include:

  • Rugged and waterproof housing takes all manners of abuse and hardships;
  • Critical access points and ports for charging and connections are all safely and securely sealed behind a watertight cap;
  • Built-in microphone, for noise-cancelling, hands-free, wireless speakerphone calls;
  • A 3.5mm jack plugs in directly to an audio source if desired;
  • Unique ability to plug iDevice into your BRV-1 for charging from its built-in 1200 milliamp Lithium-ion battery.

The BRV-1 is the best adventure-proof Bluetooth speaker I have come across. I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a speaker companion wherever the road may carry you. If ever there was a Bluetooth speaker built to withstand a beating, it’s the Braven BRV-1.



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