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Gear Up! Coolest Gadgets and Gear of the Week

There's no shortage of interesting and cool accessories available for our iDevices. In fact, with so many great gadgets continually coming out, it's challenging to stay on top of all the new releases to decide what's best for you. With that in mind, the Gear Up! series aims to present you with the best of the best new iDevice products on the market.

1. Scosche RH1060 Bluetooth Headphones ($199.99)

The RH1060s from award-winning accessory maker Scosche are poised to redefine what a great Bluetooth headphone can be. Boasting impressive reference-grade quality, genuine leather, memory foam ear pads, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, these new headphones are raising the bar for the audio experience we can expect from a high-end pair of Bluetooth headphones.

With Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) for the most accurate sound reproduction and a battery that will last for as long as 8 hours of playback, the Scosche RH1060s are definitely the best new Bluetooth headphones I have come across.

2. EC-BC Poseidon Messenger ($99)

EC-BC makes some of the best tech bags on the market. If you are looking for a fusion of fashion and style with rugged durability and heavy-duty construction, look no further. This compact messenger fits most laptops up to 13-inches and provides easy access pockets for plane tickets, passport, iPhone, and iPad. 

With great attention paid to detail, the Poseidon messenger features "outdoor-industry tested" fabric, water-repellant coating, rugged YKK zippers, a well-padded adjustable shoulder strap, and a convenient luggage trolley handle pass-through.

3. Divoom’s Bluetooth Speaker ($49.99)

Divoom's new Bluetune-Solo combines superb audio, a hands-free speakerphone, and daisy chaining capability (meaning you can link multiple speakers for a full, surround-sound experience) in a compact package that's ideal for music on the go.

One of the best Bluetooth speakers of this size on the market (its sound has to be heard to be believed, with a patented PO-Bass Technology) this miniature speaker is able to deliver a massive sound, rich with deep bass.

It's one-touch speakerphone feature also is handy for hands-free calls and its built-in mic make for crisp, clear, and easy-to-hear conversations.

4. Stash Waterproof-Pocket Adventure Shorts ($69)

 Stash waterproof pocket shorts 

The Stash Waterproof Pocket Shorts are an adventurer’s dream: a pair of shorts in which you can safely stash your iPhone, wallet, keys, and other valuables in a waterproof pouch. The pocket is securely sewn into the fabric of the shorts so you can get wet, or even go for a swim, without harming your valuables.

The stash pocket has a secure, click-shut cover, which stays attached to the pant by a durable lanyard. The waterproof plastic pouch is built into the pant and is actually sewn into the material. It has a soft fabric surrounding for added comfort.

The Stash shorts are perfect for swimming, hiking, canyoneering, and more. Check out its Kickstarter page, where you can pledge a pair for a special, early bird price.

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