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The Game That Started It All: Original Infinity Blade Now Free, For Limited Time.

If you happen to be one of the few folks on the planet who haven't experienced the revolutionary gameplay of the original Infinity Blade, now's your chance, no more excuses. For only the second time since this masterpiece of a game was released three years ago, Infinity Blade has gone free in the App Store in celebration of the season. But act fast, this deal likely won't last long.

Three years ago Infinity blade emerged and turned the gaming world upside down. Before then, no one had ever seen a game the pushed the limits of what a mobile platform could deliver. When this game came out, people never imagined such incredible console-caliber graphics and gameplay could be possible in a mobile game. Not only did Infinity Blade raise the bar as to what we can expect, it introduced a game to the world that would go on to become a staple at Apple product launch events, used to demonstrate the unprecedented capabilities of the iOS platform.

As if all of this wasn't enough, Infinity Blade also set in motion what was to become one of the most endearing, dramatic, well told, and emotionally gripping tales of love and honor ever conveyed in a video game. As it stands now, along with the original Infinity Blade we also have two Infinity Blade sequels making for a most phenomenal trilogy (Honestly, I'm expecting a movie before too long!) as well as two novellas by acclaimed fantasy author Brandon Sanderson, which serve to transition between the video game's chapters.


The original Infinity Blade is still one of the most formidable and impressive iOS games I've ever played, even as I look back on it as it turns three years old. It is at turns a dark and deeply disturbing look at our possible future as well as the heroic power and humbling weaknesses of the human spirit. Don't hesitate to add this award-winning title to your app collection if you haven't alreadyact fast though, while it's still free.

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