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Game Centered Special Edition: Top 9 iOS Games of E3 2014

The video game convention that is E3 has come and gone, and despite a relatively scant showing of iOS games, at least compared to the deluge of console titles, there were still some great and noteworthy iOS games announced at this year's game conference. We've rounded up some of the best iOS titles unveiled during this years huge show, so read on after the break to find out what's in store for iOS gamers in the months to come.

For the purposes of this article, I'll keep the descriptions of these new games relatively short, seeing as I'll be covering so many different ones, and the games I've featured here are in no particular order. I've linked to the App Store when possible, and to more detailed descriptions of the game when no App Store link exists as of yet. Let the games begin...


Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

 Top Eleven iOS Games Announced During E3 2014.

Originally released for the Playstation Portable in 2008, Capcom's port of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS was released in the Japan App Store in May and is expected to be available in the United States shortly. An adventure and battle game featuring RPG and multi-player elements, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite stays true to the original game with good graphics and an interface tweaked for optimal performance on a touchscreen.


The Witcher

 Top Eleven iOS Games Announced During E3 2014.

This forthcoming iOS adventure game based on the popular board/card game and novels of the same name brings strong narrative and character building elements to this interactive and complex RPG. A release date for The Witcher has not been announced.


Godfire: Rise of Prometheus

 Top Eleven iOS Games Announced During E3 2014.

Now here's a game I've been looking forward to for some time now. Scheduled to be released on June 19, Godfire is a visually stunning hack'n'slash built upon the Unreal Engine, so you know that means exceptional graphics are on hand in this bloody, story-driven RPG.


Modern Combat 5: Blackout

 Top Eleven iOS Games Announced During E3 2014.

Another game I've been hearing about for a good while now, Modern Combat 5 theoretically has to be nearing release. It's been a long while since Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour came out and Gameloft has been teasing us with trailers of this FPS for a while now. Promising console-quality graphics and gameplay, Blackout looks ready to show off why console games should be worried about iOS.


Hitman: Sniper

 Top Eleven iOS Games Announced During E3 2014.

This brutal, free-to-play shooter has over 150 missions to keep you busy. While ultimately it's all about killing, Hitman: Sniper also involves a lot of strategy, and enough variety to its storyline to keep fans of this series coming back for more stealthy action.



 Top Eleven iOS Games Announced During E3 2014.

Another freemium title, this 3D multiplayer shooter from Chillingo has you suiting up for combat with a robotic humanoid tank. Slated for release later this year, MECH promises the awesome graphic punch that we've come to expect from games developed using the Unreal Engine. But its freemium model as a multiplayer makes me wonder just how level the playing field will actually be when this title finally becomes available.


SEGA Sonic Jump Fever

 Top Eleven iOS Games Announced During E3 2014.

This frenetic and fast-paced vertical jumper takes the Sonic franchise to new levels with a classic, arcade-style action game. Featuring an emphasis on high scores and friendly competition, Sonic Jump Fever is expected to be available later this summer.


Final Fantasy VII G-Bike

 Top Eleven iOS Games Announced During E3 2014.

Developers Square Enix bring what was a mini game in Final Fantasy VII to iOS with this motorcycle endless runner/racer. Riding you G-Bike you'll compete on numerous courses in a variety of play modes in this freemium game. Final Fantasy VII G-Bike doesn't have an official release date yet.


VVVVVV ($2.99)

 Top Eleven iOS Games Announced During E3 2014.

This notoriously challenging, retro-style arcade platformer already has quite a reputation of being ever so frustratingly enjoyable. Its graphics harken back to the early 80s, but the gameplay is totally modern and perfectly customized for our iOS touchscreens. VVVVVV is available now in the App Store.


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