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Real Racing 3 Blazes its Way into the App Store One Day Early!

 Real Racing 3 Real Racing 3

Originally slated for release Friday in the United States, the highly anticipated Real Racing 3 (free) is making its debut one day early, available today in the App Store. The new version of the hit franchise racing game was first announced Aug. 2, 2012, and Apple used it to demonstrate the iPhone 5’s awesome gaming capabilities at the game’s unveiling back in September.

Real Racing 3 is set to introduce many folks to their first taste of asynchronous multiplayer racing, a.k.a. time-shifted racing. Real Racing 3 utilizes an advanced AI to analyze your racing style and — similar to the way we can race a ghost car — the AI intelligently inserts your car into the races. We are now able to race our friends and foes alike in a virtual reality simulation of an actual real-time race.

Add Real Racing 3’s impressive new time-shifting feature to the fact the game is free, and we have a game that’s on track to become one of the most popular, must-have iOS games of 2013.

Real Racing 3 sets a new standard for iOS racers in practically every regard, from its jaw-dropping graphics and photorealistic tracks, to its true-to-life racing mechanics. It's the most accurate and hardcore racing simulator available on iOS, in fact this gem of a game is comparable to any console racer I've ever played.

Those of you already familiar with the Real Racing series know it has been one of the most expensive of its kind in the App Store. The question many are probably wondering is, has it sacrificed playability for the somewhat controvesial freemium game model, where it can become frustratingly daunting to advance in the game without opening your wallet and making in-app purchases to further your career? The game's designers assure us this is definitely NOT the case, and that every achievement in the game can be unlocked with hard work and effort. Hopefully this holds true as I advance in this one-of-a-kind, precision racing simulator.

 Real Racing 3

Along with the unique feature of asynchronous time-shifted multiplayer racing, the latest installment of the Real Racing series also adds car damage to the mix — As if winning in this challenging racing simulator wasn't hard enough already!

In addition to these exciting new elements to gameplay, Real Racing 3 boasts a robust line-up of close to 50 different cars to choose from and 12 different real-world licensed tracks to burn rubber on. The game has three class levels, each with progressively greater levels of difficulty and a variety of play options including local and online multiplayer, and time trials. As with previous versions of the game, there are also several driving control modes to choose from, such as tilt steering vs. touch to steer, and auto accelerate vs. manual shifting.


If you can't see the video above, just click HERE.

If you enjoyed the intense racing battles of the previous Real Racing games, you'll love this latest installment in the graphically-stunning, award-winning series. Whether you're a casual racer or a hardcore racing game enthusiast, this game has effectively raised the bar for realistic, console-caliber racing thrills. As I log more hours, stay tuned for further review of this killer game. Let me know what you think of Real Racing 3 by leaving your comments below.


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