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Review: Experience Wireless Hi-Fi with the Freedom Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headsets have come a long way since the old days of those small, thumb-sized, in-ear stick devices that weren't good for much more than talking on the phone hands-free. These days we can enjoy an ever-increasing selection of high-fidelity, acoustically precise Bluetooth headphones. Still, there aren't that many to choose from, relative to the number of wired headphones on the market. In this newly emerging market of quality Bluetooth headphones, the SuperTooth Freedom ($149) have become one of my favorite Bluetooth headphones currently available. That said, there's still room for improvements. Read on to find out where these headphones shine the brightest, and where they could use some polishing up.


The over-ear SuperTooth Freedom Bluetooth headphones are an excellent reminder that as a result of the compression of the digital signal, not all Bluetooth headphones offer good sound quality. With their powerful drivers and passive noise isolation design the Freedom headphones are leading the way in this new wave of high performance Bluetooth personal listening gear.

The SuperTooth Freedom sports a sleek and modern style, and while its ear cups are spacious and comfy enough to allow for hours of extended listening, it is not a bulky pair of headphones by any stretch. In fact the Freedom is an excellent pair of headphones for traveling with, as it is lightweight, sturdy, and ergonomically designed.

The padded ear cup cushions keep the speaker drivers from compressing your ears, and provide a high level of comfort, making long listening sessions an indulgent pleasure. The ear cups have a wide range of motion to accommodate any shape or size of noggin and they feature an easy-to-use (though perhaps a bit over-reactive) control system that allows you to simply tap the headphone shell to initiate playback or song selection. While I thought this feature was clever in theory, the reality was that I was felt like I was continually inadvertently causing songs to skip or pause.


The Freedom deliver a very respectable sound, superior to many wired headphones, not to mention other Bluetooth headphones. The headphone’s cushions effectively block out external distractions and the large internal speaker drivers bring a rich and robust sound that fills the listening chambers with pristine sound, reproduced with amazing clarity and accuracy.

I know all too well, that Bluetooth technology gets a bad rap for mediocre sonic integrity; but if that is the case, then the Supertooth Freedom headphones are a welcome exception to the rule. Utilizing advanced Bluetooth A2DP for audio streaming, the Freedom deliver an exceptional acoustic performance. In my testing of the Freedom I listened to everything from bass-heavy southern rap, to acoustically intricate classical music (I'm partial to Vivaldi and Handel) and I was consistently impressed with the sound delivered by the Freedom.


  • Large, plush ear cups made for comfortable extended listening sessions.

  • Easy-to-use controls built into the ear cups, making adjusting volume or selecting songs a breeze.

  • Includes an audio cable for plugging into your music source, for those times that the headphone's battery might be low, or when you want a totally static free, hi-res listening experience.

  • Lightweight and durable, reinforced with rugged, shatter-resistant plastic.

  • Allows for NFC connectivity.

  • Awesome battery performance. Capable of a remarkable 15 hours of playback after just a 3 hour charge.


  • My biggest complaint about the Supertooth Freedom headphones was that it was a little too easy to inadvertently press the ear cup's control panel causing the songs to skip. Wearing a hoodie or adjusting the headphones for comfort could be enough to cause this to happen.

  • I would have preferred a slightly more padded headband.


The Supertooth Freedom headphones are one of a handful of high quality, Hi-Fi Bluetooth headphones. At under $150, they have a relatively affordable price point and provide a comfortable listening experience with very clear and accurate sound delivery. I give the Freedom headphones 4 out of 5 Stars.

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