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Dear Cupertino, I'll Take a 6-inch iPad Nano Please.


 Apple future developments
Yes, I did say iPad Nano. No, that is not a type-o.
Remember back, just 20 years ago? Who would've thought that laptops would have revolutionized mobile computing the way they did? Obviously someone. And who could have foreseen how, within a short time, laptops would come in sizes ranging from less than 11 inches to almost 2 feet!? But they have.
Now it is the age of the tablet. In this post-PC phase of computing evolution we are seeing the market dominated by both higher quality and more varied options of smartphones, “phablets” and tablets.
Personally, I say it's inevitable that Apple continually expands its product line, certainly if they wish to remain the dominating presence of the technology industry. Apple may not be “forced” to do anything, but they have, and will continue to see the intrinsic value inherent in offering an ever increasing variety of product options in terms of iDevice range, capacity and physical size.

First we just had the original iPod, which came in a 5GB size and sold for $400.00, as much as a 16GB iPad 2 sells for today. Back then, just a decade ago, no one could've imagined the Shuffle, much less the iPad. Now we have an iPad mini, and no one can imagine a smaller iPad "Nano". I can though, perhaps at a sweet spot of 6.25 inches. I would like that.
 Apple future developments
iWatch concept by Anders Kjellberg
Not only do I anticipate an even smaller iPad than the mini, I would go so far as to speculate along the same lines as Jim Karpen, and say that we will, before long, have not only a wider range of iPad sizes and capacities than we could currently ever imagine, ones that can do far more than we could currently conceive, but we will have wearable ultra-mini iDevices along the lines of Google’s glasses or an iPhone watch/wrist accessory!
So I will take my next iPad in a 6-inch size (and with Retina please), thank you very much. Cupertino, are you listening?


iPad Nano concept image courtesy of mascobz.com

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