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CES 2014: Braven's New BRV-X Raises the Bar for Rugged Bluetooth Speakers

 Braven's New BRV-X Raises the Bar for Rugged Bluetooth Speakers

Braven just introduced a massively powerful new outdoor, rugged speaker at this year’s CES. Called the BRV-X ($229.00), it's designed to withstand almost any abuse that an outdoor adventurer may subject it to, with considerable shock/drop/water protection. The BRV-X is truly a force to be reckoned with, and between its thunderous sound and Herculean design, it ranks as one of the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers I've ever seen or heard.

The BRV-X features a powerful omni-directional, passive bass radiator for a full 360-degree audio blast, along with high-performance drivers which deliver what many reviewers describe as audiophile-quality sound. It even has a switch for indoor versus outdoor sound tuning, enhancing the speaker’s acoustic output to best match its environment. The outdoor setting gives the speaker a richer, fuller, and more robust acoustic output, without making it overcompensate with excessive bass, or rattle and crackle at higher outdoor volume levels. As an added perk, the BRV-X also allows you to charge your iDevice from its internal battery bank, which is an excellent feature to have in a speaker designed with off-grid use in mind.

 Braven's New BRV-X Raises the Bar for Rugged Bluetooth Speakers

The BRV-X is large, but not so big that you can't tote it around with you on your adventures. It's big enough to provide an amazingly rich and full sound, but small enough (smaller than a loaf of bread, but not by much) that you won't be too weighed down if you take it camping, RV-ing, or boating. It's also a great speaker for the poolside, beach, or even bathroom, though I could see how it might be overwhelmingly loud in a small, closed bathroom. For those of you looking for the same great level of rugged protection but in a lighter, more portable design, you might be interested in checking out Braven’s outstanding, smaller BRV-1 model which debuted at last year’s CES and features the same rugged and reliable protection in a package less than half the size.

The BRV-X is scheduled to become available in early spring and as mentioned above, it will retail for $229.00.

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