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CES 2013 is just around the corner, and we'll be reporting live...

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One of my regular readers just sent me a message, asking why I've been so quiet this past week. I usually post articles at least twice a week so I hope my relative silence didn't alarm too many folks! In fact everything is going great! I've just been busy gearing up for the world's biggest and most popular tech event, the 2013 international Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which will be held in Las Vegas next week. I will be there, along with the rest of the iPhone Life team and I am totally looking forward to bringing you news reports of all the latest and greatest in the world of technology, specifically as it relates to the wonderful world of iOS. So stay tuned, and read on for a sneak peek at what you can expect next week!

This year's CES promises to be nothing short of spectacular, and I'll be reporting back to you live from the heart of the action. My schedule is jam-packed with meetings and interviews with some of the biggest and brightest names in the industry, from game developers to a wide range of iDevice gear and accessory companies. While I can't divulge details yet, as so much of the exciting new is still under embargo, I can say that you definitely do not want to miss our CES reports to get an inside glimpse of some of the amazing developments in the world of technology as it applies to our iLives.


Some of the folks who I am most excited about meeting with include Gary Rayner, the genius behind the Lifeproof cases, Rohan Marley, son of the internationally renowned musician Bob Marley and director of House of Marley, Tim Tebow of the Jets football team and ambassador for SOUL electronics, as well as the developers for the award-winning game studio Gameloft. Without giving anything away, suffice to say that it will be an exciting week and that I'll have lots of great stories to tell about the latest innovations from some of the top tech brands out there.


Additionally, I will be bringing you news of the latest developments from such prominent companies as Otterbox, Griffin, Philips, Scosche and many many more. For an inside look at some of the technology that will go on to define the year 2013, you won't want to miss iPhone Life's coverage of this amazing event! Stay tuned...


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