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Are you excited for tomorrow's historic "a little more..."?

Ladies and Gentlemen, are you prepared to witness the unveiling of a revolutionary new iDevice?


 iPad mini


I am!


In fact, can we just take a moment to pause and reflect upon the poetic eloquence? Rather than simply parroting Jobs' iconic statement, "One more thing", as they closed out last month's dramatic, showstopper, iPhone 5 launch, Apple is honoring his tradition of introducing something revolutionary on the heels of something grand with tomorrow's big celebration.

How appropriate that Apple has appropriated a theater for this extravagant show. After introducing the world to the iPhone 5, which is amazing in and of itself, Apple is poised to introduce on the global stage, a device that is as revolutionary as the original iPad was. I feel that the iPad mini represents the perfect size to appeal to everyone, even more so than the original iPad in its larger format. I also agree with Jim Karpen’s analysis that indeed, the iPad mini will before long, outsell its larger cousins, among others.


History in the making folks! Glad to see on the one-year anniversary month of his death the sweet tradition of "Oh, one more thing..." Is alive and well.


Check back at 13:00 EST and 10:00 PST, for my blog of tomorrow's big event! See you soon!


 iPad mini

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