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Apple/Beats Commemorate 25th Anniversary of Spike Lee's Movie "Do The Right Thing".

It may be hard to believe, but Spike Lee's socially eloquent movie about race and gender relations in New york City is 25 years old. To celebrate and pay respect to this groundbreaking and critically acclaimed movie, Apple's subsidiary, Beats Inc. has produced a 22-minute tribute video, starring Spike Lee himself, along with actors and actresses from the original movie, including stars Danny Aiello and Rosie Perez

Director Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing addressed culturally charged issues that most black Americans have dealt with, in a language that his demographic could relate to. Spike Lee delivered a movie that moviegoers around the country could relate to, regardless of their race or where they were from. The movie dealt with issues that are ironically relevant even today, and for Apple's own company, Beats Inc., to honor this radical film is yet another example of Apple's increasingly public political and social running commentary.


If you can't see the embedded Beats video, click HERE.


Along with a good deal of reminiscing about the old days when Do The Right Thing was filmed, the short Beats documentary also features cameos by Erykah Badu, Dave Chappelle, and the Mighty Mos Def. The Beats video takes us back in time to the days when Do The Right Thing was created, but it also takes us to the present day, to a massive rally on the streets of Brooklyn in commemoration of Do The Right Thing. If the fact that Apple in any way, shape, or form has backed and supported a video honoring this controversial film has you amazed, hold on to your seats because the new video ends with none other than rap legends (and close personal friends of Apple executive, Dr. Dre) Public Enemy, performing their counter culture hit "Fight The Power". Apparently Apple is quite open to pushing the boundries of what we consider normal, and acceptable operating procedure (and we're not just talking about Tim Cook calling out Dr. Dre for the Ice Bucket challenge) as one of the world's most powerful and influential companies, even if they use the auspices of their newly acquired headphone company to do so.


What do you think of Apple's company, Beats Inc., paying tribute to such a hot-topic film as Do The Right Thing? Let us know your thoughts and feelings on the matter in the comments section below.

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