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Apple News this Week: The Next iPhone, a New iPad Event & the Tablet Touchscreen Speed Test.

 iPhone 6

In this week's Apple news: Rumors swirl about next year's iPhone 6, Apple sets a date for the unveiling of the upcoming next generation iPad and iPad mini, and the results are in for the recent benchmark tablet touchscreen responsiveness testing.

New iPads Expected to be Unveiled Later this Month

Mark you calendars for October 22, folks. That's the date reliable sources have pinpointed as the day Apple will unveil their newest iPad and possibly the iPad mini, along with the new operating system, Mavericks, and the new Mac Pro. While Apple has yet to confirm this date, I believe they will do so in a matter of days.

iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 concepts by Martin Hajek

If rumors are true, we can expect a significant upgrade in both of the current models of the iPad. We will be covering this event closely, so stay tuned to iPhoneLife for all the details as they emerge.

Will the iPhone 6 Sport a Larger, 4.8-inch Touchscreen, at Last?

The latest iPhone iterations are scarcely a month old and already attention has turned towards the next generation iPhone (6?) and what that will have to offer.

 iPhone 6

iPhone 6 concept by Nikola Cirkovic

I’ve been asserting for some time that Apple simply has to enter the larger-screened smartphone arena. Recent reports from credible sources point to a mid- to late-2014 release for what will likely be the iPhone 6, and we have good reason to believe that Apple will introduce an iDevice that answers the demand for a large-screened smartphone. I’ll be first in line for this new iPhone 6, with its rumored 4.8-inch screen, faster chip, and enhanced processing capabilities.

 iPhone 6

iPhone 6 concept by Martin Hajek

It's interesting to note that designers Cirkovic and Hajek have both come up with a concept iPhone 6 that feature touchscreens that fully extend from the left to right edges on the front of the iPhone. 

Apple Beats Out the Competiton, Yet Again.

Last week I reported on the TouchMarks benchmark standard implemented by tech firm Agawi. In their first round of tests between the most popular smartphones, the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4 trounced all other smartphones on the market when it came to smartphone touchscreen responsiveness.

Now Agawi is back with their benchmark test results for the top tablets on the market. The iPad mini boasts the fastest touchscreen response time, followed closely by the iPad 4. I thought the touchscreen latency champion would be the iPad 4, so when the iPad mini beat out all of the competition I was pleasantly surprised. If this is the case with the current generations of iPad and iPad mini, I can only imagine how the new iPads will fare when they are put to the test later this year.

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