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Working with documents is a snap with ReaddleDocs for iPad


ReaddleDocs was good on the iPhone, but ReaddleDocs for iPad is even better. The iPad’s larger screen and the easy-to-use ReaddleDocs app, together, make document management a snap.

I simply drag the document from my computer desktop to my MobileMe iDisk. Then, I open ReaddleDocs on my iPad, where the document becomes instantly accessible.

Once I open the document in ReaddleDocs, I can move, rename, copy, e-mail or delete it, as well as open it in Pages or iAnnotage PDF for more editing.

ReaddleDocs can open Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and Web pages, as well as rich text documents, text files, images and media formats including .mp3 and .mov. It can even transfer e-mail attachments. This makes your iPad a flash drive, also!

For anyone who needs to work with documents on the go, ReaddleDocs is an excellent solution. 

Read more about this document workhorse at Readdle.com.

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