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Why I won’t use the Ballistic HC iPhone 4 Case:


The Ballistic HC case for the iPhone is too tough for me! This is the extreme case for the extreme user. Are you a rock climber? A mechanic? A skydiver? Then, this is the case for you!

The Ballistic HC is three cases in one. The inner case alone should protect your phone from anything I can think of. It’s a hard shell made of shock absorbing polycarbonate and it features a clear, built-in screen protector. No scratches allowed!

Next, there’s a soft, interchangeable outer gel skin layer that makes it easy to grip and adds even more protection. 

Finally, there’s an optional holster with a 180-degree rotating belt clip. (PS: The belt clip is extremely sturdy – I can’t imagine this one falling off or breaking.)

As the manufacturer says, this case is “designed to survive life!

So, if you’re looking for an iPhone 4 case that will protect your phone from fingerprints, scratches, dust and almost all drops and bumps, this is the case for you. 

List price: $49.99 at www.goballisticcase.com

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