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Warning: Don’t let your relatives see this sitting on your desk!

I had the Gorilla Mobile sitting on my desk ready to write this review when my cousin, visiting from New Jersey, grabbed it and exclaimed, “I’ve been looking for one of these to give Jim for Christmas!”

The Gorilla Mobile is one of those gifts that's not only well appreciated, but it’s fun, too! The unique device has bendable legs that attach to most anything from bikes to treadmills, even to airplane seats. Once attached, you can clip on your iPhone, iPod or even a small camera. Lock into position and now your hands are free for other tasks!

After my cousin got it home (yes, I gave it to her), she said it is also great for hiking, as it stowed well in her backpack.

Now, I have to buy myself one!

Read more on the Gorillamobile Web site.

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