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Todo for iPad - one more choice in GTD


For $4.99, Todo for iPad is a very sophisticated GTD app for the iPad. It features both projects and checklists, as well as repeating tasks, reminder alerts, and clickable phone numbers and URL’s in notes.

Other features include:

  • Alerts
  • Online Synchronization
  • Prioritized Tasks
  • Quick Add
  • Searching Tasks
  • Tags,
  • Task Types
  • And MORE! (Check website for more features.)

You can synchronize with iCal or Outlook using Appigo Sync or Toodledo. 

My favorite feature of the Todo for iPad app is the customizable themes. These remind me of those paper Daytimers I used to buy in the mall only this is WAY less expensive and much easier to carry!

$9.99 – Limited time at $4.99

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