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A pen and stylus in one - the Braketron Style-iT is the perfect solution


The new Bracketron Style-iT includes both a stylus and a ballpoint pen – how handy is that! Now, whether I’m working on my iPad or jotting a note down on paper, I have the tool to do it. No more searching for a pen or stylus in the bottom of my purse or computer bag.

The new Style-iT is longer and thicker than the original Braketron stylus, which gives it a more substantial feel and much better handling. The manufacturer doesn’t claim this, but it seems as if this stylus is more responsive on the touch screen than any other stylus I have used. It glides smoothly over the screen and interacts quickly and effortlessly with my iPad/iPhone apps. And as before, it leaves not smudges or fingerprints. No more constant cleaning the screen.

The Style-iT can be used on most touch screen devices, including the iPhone and iPad, and is omni-directional (use it right or left handed). Whether you’re playing a game, sketching, or editing a photo, it gives you the extra control you need to get the job done.


Finally, I love the color selection – I have a pink one, of course! I just ordered four more for Christmas presents in a variety of colors. The Style-iT comes in black, white, blue, green, orange, and pink. I love this product and can’t recommend it enough. 

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