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Move your docs with ReaddleDocs

When I travel, I need a way to move documents back and forth from my computer to my clients. Finally, I've found an application that meets that need — ReaddleDocs.

With ReaddleDocs, I can: 

• Transfer files with or without WiFi (I can use my 3G network)

• Read TXT, PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, and Powerpoint documents

• Password protect my documents

• Open password protected PDFs

• Do a full text search within PDFs

• Share my files with other iPhone users, email them and print them right from my iPhone using Print n Share.

• Bookmark my documents

• One of my favorite features is the ability to go to my Web site, download a pdf document, and save it to my iPhone. I can read it or share it with others. It works very fast too!

There's more and it's only $4.99! Read more about ReaddleDocs on the Readdle Web site.






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