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iKit AutoCharge - compact, convenient and easy to use!


Two words say it all – Love it!

The iKit AutoCharge is compact, easy to use and works for the iPad, iPhone, and iPOD Touch, as well as other USB devices. The kit includes the 2.1 AMP AutoCharge, as well as a USB Charge Sync Cable. The device works with any standard 12v accessory outlet. Comes in black or white. $24.95

Cons: The only problem I have is finding a place to set my iPad while it’s charging. My iPhone is easy – I set it in the cup holder. For now, I have to set my iPad on the floor – not my favorite choice. I’m looking for an alternative. Any thoughts?

Pros: It charges fast, it’s convenient, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. I like that I only have to have one charger in my car for all my devices.

Five stars! It’s stylish, as well, so I give it 5 stars for “cool” factor, too! 


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