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GradeBook Pro - Teachers will love this!


I can’t begin to list all the features of this app on this review, so please go to the iTunes store to see them all. However, I can tell you what I like about GradeBook Pro. Although it's a full-featured grade book, it’s amazingly simple to use. Within a few minutes from downloading the app, I had created a class, added three “students,” created some assignments, set up weighted grades, and taken attendance. For an app this complicated, I was amazed at how simple it is to use.

I tried sending an email to the students – worked perfect. Create a report – simple! I even added photos of my “students.”

I was able to password protect this file so that no one could view it without permission and I can back it up on Dropbox.

I will definitely be using this app during the next school year. Highly recommended.

Be sure to read all the features of this app. I have only scratched the surface. 

The only downside is that I contacted the app developer and he has no plans for a Mac/PC version of the app. Yes, it was easy to use on the iPad, but I would really like to have a Mac/PC version that syncs with it. I hope he will change his mind because this is the only nonfeature that would push me to a different app, with similar features, if one became available. Until then, GradeBook is my choice.


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