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EyeTV for the iPad


With EyeTV 3.4, you can:
  • Watch, pause, and rewind live TV
  • Search two weeks of Program Guide listings; includes one year of free TV Guide data, with optional renewal for only $19.95 per year
  • Set up schedules to record your favorite TV shows
  • Edit out unwanted content
  • Share recordings with other Macs or PCs on the same network
  • Recordings can be exported to iTunes for playback on an iPad, iPhone, iPod or Apple TV.

EyeTV comes with everything you need including:

  • EyeTV Hybrid analog/digital TV receiver
  • EyeTV software
  • Driver for Mac and Windows
  • PDF product manual
  • USB cable
  • Video cable for composite (RCA) or S-video
  • Antenna Adapter (F to MCX)
  • Infrared remote control with battery pack

WithEyeTV and EyeTV app for iPad, you can view live TV on your iPhone or iPad and watch it anywhere and anyplace. 

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