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Easily send mass text messages with Group Text

Here's a handy app - Group Text. No more typing in contacts one-by-one to send a text message to more than one person at a time. Instead, create a group in Group Text (like Family or Work). Then, when you want to send a text to the group, simply select the group's list and bingo! One text message to everyone in the group at one time! Easy and quick. $2.99


  • send mass text messages
  • easy and quick interface
  • use address book groups
  • handpick set of contacts from address book
  • create distribution lists from address book or manually enter recipients information
  • distribution lists are very helpful if you have contacts with more than one phone number or if you don't want to create groups only to group text them
  • *optionally* create and use message templates
  • setting to show all or only mobile numbers
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