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Do you remember the photo booths on the boardwalk?

MyPhotoBooth (v 2.0) brings back memories! Remember the days of the photo booth on the boardwalk, when you and a friend would sit in the booth all scrunched up together on a single stool, say cheese, and in a few short minutes, out would pop four photos on a strip? Now, you can create your own photo strip using your iPhone! 
This one offers more flexibility and it's faster. The strips can be vertical or four squares in a larger square. You can take the photos right from your iPhone camera (iPhone only) or select photos from your iPhone photo album. Special effects can be added to make the photos b/w, vintage or customized with different colors, blends and other effects.
Save your strips to your iPhone library, browse your saved strips or edit saved strips again. When you have what you want, you can share them with your friends by e-mail, Facebook or Twitter.
For more information and a video about its features, check the Purple Snow Cone Web site.
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