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Creative Notebooking

 I love notebooks and I love to write in them, whether traditional paper notebooks or notes on my iPhone. KabukiVision offers an iPhone app especially for people like me called NoteMaster.

NoteMaster is fun, colorful, and practical. Not only can I write notes on my iPhone, but I can also insert images, photos, hyperlinks, and headers into my notes, as well. I can customize the look of my notes by changing the font and/or background. Creating notes has never been more fun!

In addition, I can organize my notes by sorting them in categories. If I want to share my notes, I can email them or sync them with my Google Doc account. If I don’t want anyone else to access them, I can password protect them for safekeeping. If you like to write notes, be sure to check out NoteMaster. It works with the iPhone or iPod Touch.

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