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Cooking with iClooly

How can I watch videos on my cell phone and cook dinner, do dishes or work out at the gym at the same time? The iClooly Stand is the answer!

The iClooly stand is lightweight, made of aluminum, and is 7 inches high. The iPhone 3G or 3GS easily snaps into place and can be viewed either vertically or horizontally, with all the iPhone controls easily accessible.

I have the iClooly stand on my kitchen counter so I can watch videos as I cook dinner. There are lots of other uses for this handy stand. Use it in the vertical position to input data on your iPhone. Use it on your dashboard with your navigator to get directions. Use it on your treadmill and the minutes will fly as you listen to your iTunes music, watch videos, read e-books, or listen to the radio.

Of all the stands I’ve tried, this one is the most practical. I prefer the appearance of the AppStand when watching a photo slide show or my Reef3D aquarium. But, for practical uses, iClooly is the best stand I’ve tried so far. 

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