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Being Social with Social Fun Book!

 I LOVE Facebook and I LOVE graphics. Now, I can have both. With Social Fun Book, I can add all kinds of fun graphics to my status updates. There are over 100 over them included on this app!

I’m a bit stingy and refuse to pay for “gifts” on Facebook. Now, with the Social Fun App, I can give “gifts” for free. I like that!

Another feature on this app is the funny Interview Question. I love the idea, but the app chooses the friend and question for you. You can skip the selected one and get a new one, but with over 700 friends, it’s too hard for me to keep skipping to get the one I want. I would rather be able to choose my own friend and question to send. I hope they fix that in future updates.

You can also upload photos and add symbols or icons. The symbols didn’t interest me much, but some might like them. I can upload photos lots of ways, so that’s nothing new.

The other feature that I enjoy, but probably won't use much, is the drawing feature. You can draw a picture using several colors and send to you facebook page. As you can see, I can't draw. But it is fun!

This company offers another app called, Facebook Fun. It's $ .99 instead of $1.99 and has a few of the same features. You might check this one out, too.

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