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iDeals brings shoppers nearly unbeatable deals

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iDeals is a great little app for not only seeing the deals of the day, but also makes purchasing quick & easy. Oh, and so far the prices are unbeatable!


First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Elizabeth Christian. I am a stay-at-home mom who has become completely addicted to the iPhone. Since I don't work outside the home, most of my app reviews will be for apps located in the Lifestyle category, but not all will be.

The first app I would like to tell you about is called iDeals. iDeals will give you quick & easy access to today's deals from different sources WITH photos & prices on the main page. In addition to the deals of the day, you can also see what's hot on Fat Wallet & Slick Deals with just one touch.

I know these are good deals, because I have YET to be able to purchase a pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses that I let slip through my fingers the last time I ran this app. I thought I could surely get a better deal on a popular auction site ... nope. Chances are, if it's here ... it's going to be hard to beat elsewhere.

Today's deals includes a pair of Anon Escobar sunglasses for $39.99. How much are they going for on my favorite auction site? $54.99 MINIMUM.

If you like to shop & you like to save money while you're doing it, I strongly recommend iDeals!

The current going price for iDeals as of 5/18/09 is only .99c

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