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Fun for the whole family

School is out for the summer, the kids are all home, & everyone is ... BORED. Now what? Just open up the Family Fun app, give it a shake & have some fun!

Family Fun is specificaly designed to strengthen the bond between parents & their children through new interactive ideas & activities. The database is updated regularly & has hundreds of activites that you can shake to get a random one, search by keyword, bookmark, visit related Web links from within the app itself, & even search Google maps for places related to an activity such as finding nearby crafts stores where you can get items needed for a project.

I gave it a shake & it suggested that we start to eat only locally grown in season fresh fruits & vegetables. There was a paragraph about why this was good for us as well as our local community. The related link button took us to a Web page that lists in season fruits & vegetables by month & this month, among other things, watermelon is in season & that sounds great to me! YUM!

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