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Ever been doing calculations & lose your place?

With Calc Tap, you don't need to worry about losing your place. I use calculators all the time & I'll be right in the big middle of something when someone comes in & starts talking to me. When I go back to the calculator, I can't remember if the bill, etc that I'm holding was entered yet or if I was just about to & end up starting from scratch. Never again thanks to this wonderful app!

Calc Tap keeps a virtual tape of your transactions as you're working so you don't have to worry about losing your place if you're interrupted mid-calculation. Simply look up & see where you left off. Scroll up to see earlier transactions & flip your phone to switch between regular & text modes in case you need to know how to write that big number out on a check. Use it to teach children how to write out long numbers. Just type in a number, have the child write it out the long way, then give your phone a shake & let them see how they did. This calculator has become my default calculator for anything that's more than just adding two numbers together. In this busy house, I sure did need a calculator that remembers where I left off ... and the price? Just $1.99 & in my opinion, worth it!

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