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Slappa Puts Camera Face of M.A.S.K. Backpack

It may not be as sexy as talking about court rulings or speculating about the iPad mini, but I thought it was kind of cool that SLAPPA released an SLR camera face for the M.A.S.K. customizable backpack I covered last week: Slappa M.A.S.K. Jedi Mind Trix Custom Build Backpack Review.

It was hard given the existing line to make a case for why a backpack needed multiple faces. This image of the MASK DSLR clearly demonstrates how replacing a face that is essentially a big open area and replacing it with a compartmentalized face would bring value. One backpack, multiple uses.

As with most technology oriented items, you don't need to use this for what it is designed for. I can image this face being used by geologists, baseball collectors or for transporting snow globes. SLAPPA was creative with these bags, feel free to be creative yourself.


Price: $159.99 (pre-orders until September 1 - currently discounted)



Additional images

Inserting the customized face

External access to camera

Quick Media Access




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