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Qmadix Metalix Snap-on Cover

This $29.99 was a bit of a revelation for me. I love cases, and have many to play with (keep reading...I have a good backlog of iPhone cases I'll be writing about over the next few weeks).

Metalix Snap-On Cover for Apple iPhone 4S, 4, RedDon't leave us hanging, what revelation? The revelation that a case can almost make a phone feel lighter. I know, that doesn't make any sense, but this case fits so well, and adds just the right grip feel so that holding an iPhone feels better with the case on than with it off—and better than any case I've come across yet. 

That said, this isn't a special purpose case that will super-protect the iPhone, make it waterproof or turn into a stand. But it will make you hold your iPhone differently, better. It like a fine grip on a well engineered gun. Just holding the iPhoen with the cover feels good, even when you aren't using it.

The Qmadix Snap-On Cover builds on its aluminum and polycarbonate construction with a variety of accent colors (including Orchid if you were wondering).

If you've been looking for a case that enhances the iPhone experience without gimmicks, then I suggest you check out the Qmadix Snap-On.

Metalix Snap-On Cover for Apple iPhone 4S, 4, Red






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