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Game Center Has Been Hacked and My Birds are Angry…

Game Center Hack...and Frankly, so am I. I’m not just an average Angry Birds Player, I’m pretty good. As of this post, my score on Angry Birds HR Free (iPad) is:   #239 out of 2,271,376 players. My score Angry Birds Seasons (iPad) is: #164 out of #3,255,881 players and my Score on Angry Birds Seasons, paid version is: #2,230 out of 2,2731,378 players.

Now I work at this perhaps too much, or, really, I’ve just figured some things out that let me achieve a pretty high score on a new release in a pretty short time. The latest “world” in Angry Birds Seasons is “Piglantis” and I’m at #761 out of 279,846 players.

But some people have figured out how to hack Game Center and put up a score of 9,223,372,036,854,775,807.  According the MB Johnson, on an Apple discussion board,  (https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2758750?start=0&tstart=0) this is “is the largest single value of the BIGINT variable in an SQL database table—it is equal to (2^23)-1” and I have verified that with other SQL documentation.  

Apple, I want my score moved up a couple of notches. That means you need to enforce security on Game Center and remove those who have executed the exploit.

I accept legitimate scores as a challenge. These false scores are annoying and they detract from the normally positive Apple iPad experience. I’m flinging the issue over the wall Apple, and I’m using the accelerating-yellow-triangle-bird to send it to you. Perhaps that will suggest some urgency.

Design is, after all, about the entirety of the experience, not just parts of it.

And BTW, Rovio, speaking of experience, when I buy a product, I want it ad free—even your ads. When you display the annoying update and product splash screens between scene sessions, you throw off my rhythm. Please kindly work on that, as well as on the exploit that did more damage to the leader board than the eagle and the dragon combined.

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