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Back-to-School Special: Inkling Phones Home

Innovative next-generation textbook publisher Inkling has ported its environment and content to the iPhone. Already available on the iPad, the Mac and the PC via the web, this new version makes study dates even more portable, and more personal.  With the iPhone version of Inkling there will be no excuses for not studying unless you forget to charge your phone. As a college instructor, I can tell you, we aren’t buying that excuse.

As the illustration demonstrates, Inkling has a native look-and-feel for the iPhone. No trying to cram a 10-inch experience into the phone form factor.

Interestingly, Inkling is a publishing platform, so rather than handcraft book into different formats, they have developed what they call Habitat, a software environment that builds content for the iPad, the iPhone and web. Create the content once, and it is auto-magically available to all target clients.

And this Inkling isn’t stripped down. Instructors like its integrated assessments and annotation community features. Those are all there, along with interactive content, video and animations. In order to manage limited memory, chapters can be downloaded individually, and deleted as necessary.

Inkling is trying to redefine how we learn through content by re-imagining content for today's delivery environments. The move to the iPhone expands the company's reach and forces them to be even more creative. As I have always found, constraints foster creativity often more than freedoms. I encourage educators to explore the platform and available titles to perhaps reinvigorate their approach to teaching, and to gain more attention from our all too easily distracted students.

If you want to experience Inkling for yourself, download the Inkling 3.0 app at App Store. Visit Inkling.com for additional information and to download free chapters.


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