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TVU Player a killer app!

Ok, is it just me or is TVU (iPhone app and OS X beta player) just an excellent little window to the world? 

At first glance the app looks like it is playing only Chinese stations… interesting but a bit challenging for the non-Mandarin speakers.  But wait, there’s more, much more!  If you take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the full size Windows or Mac OS X player, get ready for the best interface for streaming national and international media I’ve seen on the iPhone yet. This is exactly what I've been looking for to stream both national and international arts and education shows!

Unlike other app players I’ve tried from iTunes, I have never had TVU crash.   In comparison to the venerable TED or  TV.com, while they will always have their place on my iPhone, in my opinion their user interfaces are very “cluttered”.  The TVU interface is so bare bones, and so obvious how to play what you want, even my six year old can use it!  At the moment he has discovered how easy it is to watch Nickelodeion in his room.  The fact that this app acts like a traditional TV tuner, but with an eye to the world, makes it a killer app for me!

On the down side, I have found the search feature on the iPhone a bit more challenging as a stand alone since it doesn’t seem to search for individual shows, just the broadcaster.   Another one of the irksome things for me is that I can’t move my favorite favorites to the top of the by drag and drop, I have to delete it then add it back to put it at the top.  I wish I could tilt the screen, vertical viewing is acceptable but I know what I’m watching would be even more awesome when viewed horizontally.

All in all, I believe this is a killer app when paired with your home computer. 

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