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Tripping the app fantastic

I am so… like hooked on Larry Weinberg’s PhototTropedelic ($1.99) app man, it’s unreal.  Ok, enough of the 70’s talk, this is an interesting app in how it creates its effect, which I think is great! 

The apps controls are simple, if not a bit heady at first in figuring out how to manipulate for the effect you’re looking for.  For example, it gives you five levels of detail, “tropedelic colors” and colors pulled off the image, 22 different colors, some 200 stars (I was tripping on 6) and so on.  The effect I have been really been working on getting is the radial spokes (see the image I just took off the screen) but have not yet been able to tweak out yet, maybe I can’t but – like so what man. I really appreciated the ability to upload files via wifi through my browser, this is so much more appropriate than having to sync your iPhone.  To make things even more fun, Weinberg has Tropedelic Group on Flickr you can check out what others are creating and add to yourself.

So I have to warn readers that this will not be fore everyone, I think this app like a growing number of them are really for the more experienced iPhone artists – wow there it is - iPhone art, it is indeed a new genre and this app does drive that home.  When an app has as a download option a high resolution vector-based PDF file… you know you’re not dealing with a lightweight app. 

Right on brother!

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