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A Traditional iPad Christmas

It’s hard to give these two apps from XIMAD, The Twelve Days of Christmas ($1.99) and Twas The Night Before Christmas ($1.99), too much praise. 

They are very fine examples of what ebooks can be, media rich with both eye and ear candy for kids of all ages, and inviting of interaction.  Touch an image in one of these books and you can make it move, which I think is a superb way of drawing you into the story. 

The only problem I encountered with either of the apps was the Twelve Days of Christmas chapter menu doesn’t pop up when touched as in Twas The Night Before Christmas, you have to drag it up the screen.   In Twas The Night Before Christmas though the menu pops up smoothly by lightly tapping it, however it seems to want to automatically scroll the chapters to the right making it a little hard to then scroll it to the left and tap on a chapter.  Neither of these issues should stop you from buying these apps.

Indeed, I think the illustration so rich, and the engaging experience especially in Twelve Days of Christmas is so good that it has that family heirloom feel to it.  I know that sounds odd to say about a digital image, but it really is that good.

Because this is something you have to see to understand, I’ve made a short video to illustrate these ebooks.  I also suggest you take a look at XIMAD's website to see their whole collection of ebooks.

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