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Tips n' Tricks with iPhone 3.0

 With all the great apps showing up in the iTunes Store every day I sometimes forget all the great features in iPhone 3.0 that can really help you to make the most out of your iPhone or iPod Touch experience.  As a graduate student, and administrator in a health care organization I'm constantly running numbers either checking statistics or an expense, the iPhone lets you copy and paste from the calculator app direct into another application like notes.  Of course it's frustrating when you're trying to type in the URL of site you just heard about, and keep getting it wrong - so how do erase what you've mistyped?  You just shake the iPhone.  I am constantly looking for people's contact information, and now that you can send an address from within the Contacts app via e-mail it really helps sharing that information.  Taking pictures has never been easier, especially if you want to go back and forth quickly from taking a shot, looking at it within the camera roll and then going back to the camera for a follow up shot.  Take a look at my Tips n' Trick video to see how easy it is.  

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