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Those picking iPads up in stores get notice too

Just got my notice this morning (below) that my 64GB wifi iPad will be at the Portland Mall waiting for me this Saturday morning.  One of the reasons I chose to go to the Apple store to get it was to determine what sort of interest there was for the device here in Maine.  Though Maine's DOE has a very progressive laptop program called the Maine Learning Technology Initiative (I've discussed before), which gives every 7th and 8th grader a MacBook to use at home and at school (now a number of High Schools too), aside from this bright spot, Maine is not well known for its embrace of technology. 

What I will be looking for are signs that the iPad is of interest for students, parents, educators and just maybe progressive business leaders.

I have just recently made a proposal to my local Adult Education program here in Lewiston, to offer a class aimed at developing competency in operation of iDevices; how they work, the seven finger movements necessary for operation of the touchscreen, Settings, and number of tips and tricks from wirelessly uploading pictures and video, to wifi printing, cloud storage, and utilizing Apps and software-as-a-service for educational and healthcare organizations.

I plan on posting my first blog this Saturday morning from the Portland Mall off my iPad.



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