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What do the locations of, Chili, Japan, Alaska and Spain all have in common?  Other than I'm not there. These are places you are going to ride in AMA’s Shaun White Snowboarding Origins  ($4.99)… did I say this game is sick!

Even if you don’t ride, I expect a lot of people will get into this game, and at this price it’s as unstoppable as White!

So, let me tell you how steezy this game is.   

You have your pick of four riders (with various levels of tricks, speed and control) and four locations (Chili, Japan, Alaska and Spain) with different terrain.  You’ll have all the goodies for your shredding fix, rails, kickers, gates, extra speed, heck the jibbing is even great, though I’m disappointed there isn’t a half pipe or wall… yet.

The controls for left/right are intuitive by turning your iPhone.  Controls for dialing in your tricks are well laid out for the iPhone screen, the left side controls spin direction (check out my sweet 180) and the right controls board grab like melon and even whether you try McTwist!  I can already see some debate opening up about the controls not being fine enough, since I threw a perfect 540 and still ate powder.  I’ve read a few other reviews online and they noticed the same thing. 

However, I started to realize this game might be more sophisticated than what people are thinking.  It seems to me that the folks at AMA built in slippage on the snow (which seems to vary by each location) as well as how other factors like the difference in compression coming off a rail versus a kicker might also be built in – this is speculation, but you get the idea.  This game is as real as it gets on an iPhone!

Now get on your board and ride!

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