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Relaxing with Asian Painting

There are any number of ways one can relax, and tap into their creativity with the iPhone, one of the recent apps I’ve found for this purpose is APPFour’s Asian Painting (.99) which is interesting in that it allows a person without years of Asian calligraphy experience to create the likeness of it. 


You’re given three types of paper, three sets of brushes with the ability to modify their opacity, several colors of ink and some stamps of flower’s, dragonfly’s and wood cut marks.  The rest is fairly self explanitory, you start to to paint. You could do something fairly low key like the iPhone Life piece I did above, or you can be much more creative.


While one can devote a lifetime to mastering any lanugages calligraphy, this app gives those who do not have the time, but who have an interest, maybe a high school or college student, or tourist studying a foreign language the option of experimenting with this unique and beautiful form of writing.  I also find this app relaxing, mabye because of a combination of the visuals and hand movements?  Regardless it's a fun app, with some cultural relevance you'll have fun working with.  What is it missing?  I think if this app had some internal links to site's which teach various Asian calligraphy that might entice people to take more time with the app, the ability to save and distribute to Twitpic are great!

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