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Panorama with Panolab

I’ve been tinkering with photo apps lately and came across a really excellent app for stitching together your iPhones photos into a panoramic scene, PANOLAB’s free app has a lot of utility with a pretty straight forward interface.  You can load existing photos or just snap photos on the go then piece them together, rotating them with finger movements on the screen with excellent control.  When you get the images aligned just the way you want them, you can then crop and save them.  You can use it for a lot of practical purposes such as mapping the interior of a building, I imagine it would be very useful for people working in real-estate, interior design or architecture.  Panolab notes is a web site which alows you to see what others are doing creatively with PANOLAB.  Inspired from that, I figure you can always put together things that have no earthly business being joined.

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