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Pairing the iPad Mini with VW Jetta BT to make Skype calls

While I have been preparing for T-Mobile LTE here in Maine I thought that it might be useful to provide a tip if you would like to connect your iPad Mini to your car's Blue Tooth system to make Skype calls.  In my case I'm connecting my iPad Mini to my 2012 VW Jetta TDI using the following set up.  With the Jetta turned off, have your iPad Mini's BT set to "On" so that it is discoverable, make sure that you do not have another BT device paired (the VW owners manual does not mention this) or it will not discover your iPad Mini, start your Jetta and the iPad Mini will recognize your Jetta's BT system and prompt you for a password - it is four zeros "0000",  enter them and you will see it is paired.

You can now open Skype, and either type in a phone number or just tap on a favorite and it will route through your Jetta's sound system.  It's important to note here that voice commands will not work as it would if you had an iPhone paired with the Jetta, but with your iPad Mini safely mounted on the dash it is a good option for making or taking Skype or even Facetime calls through your iPad Mini in a car.  See my very brief video for a demonstration.  For mounting your iPad Mini in your dash, a step I have not yet taken but am very interested in, take a look at the amazing products coming from Sound Man

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